The image link in the message that was sent via Digital Witness™ to another phone brings up the following message in the browser when clicked:

“Image is not available at this time. It may still be uploading.”

What does this mean?


When this message is brought up in your internet browser after clicking the image link in a Digital Witness™ Alert message, it means that the image is still being uploaded to the Digital Witness™ server.

We want to avoid any unnecessary delays in getting your “Help” message delivered to your contacts so Digital Witness™ does not wait for the image to be uploaded to our server before sending your SMS message.

It is also possible that the Data connection on your phone is not activated or the upload failed for some other reason. To check if there was any problem uploading your photo.

Check the “Status” tab within the Digital Witness™ app to see any possible errors during your last message.


After pressing “Help” on the iPhone version, Digital Witness™ requires that the user hit “Send” on the standard iOS message screen for the SMS to be sent.


Unfortunately Apple do not provide the capability for an iPhone App to automatically send an SMS message without user onfirmation.

If Apple do alter the iOS platform to support this capability, a Digital Witness™ update would most likely support it too.