Support and Endorsement for Digital Witness™

At Digital Witness™ we believe that widespread adoption of our app will act as a deterrent against crime and make for a safer society.

If a majority of people have Digital Witness™ on their phones, potential perpetrators of violent crime will think twice before acting, knowing they will be identified and that a response will be rapid, reducing their chances of getting away. We encourage you to download this app and if you have already done so, help us spread the word and encourage as many people as possible to download it onto their iPhones.

We welcome testimonials and endorsements from existing users, ideas for other uses which we haven’t thought of.

Media Support

The success of Digital Witness™ as a deterrent against crime will be increased with its widespread adoption. We therefore appreciate any media support in helping raise awareness of our app. Media organisations wishing to run any articles featuring the Digital Witness™ as a tool to prevent violent crime are welcome to do so. Examples of previous media support can be found on our News and Events page. Please Contact Us if you require any additional information.

Financial Support

Financial support is always welcome. Digital Witness™ has so far been funded by our own contributions to develop and support the app. Any financial support in the form of sponsorships and donations will be used to help us fund awareness campaigns to promote the widespread distribution of the app. Sponsors and supporters will be publicly acknowledged on the Digital Witness™ website and other related online forums. If you wish to sponsor or support Digital Witness™ financially, please contact us using the Contact Us page on this website.