Digital Witness believes every individual has a right to feel safe.


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What is Digital Witness™?

Digital Witness™ is a personal security app for iPhone. It exploits the popularity and technology of the iPhone to enhance personal safety and security.

At the push of a button, Digital Witness™ sends a photograph, your GPS coordinates, Google Maps location, and message to up to three security contacts who can respond immediately to your call for help.

Your security contact can attempt to call you back to check that you are OK. If you do not answer they can check the photo, note your location and call police to respond to your call for help. All in no more than a few seconds!

Potential perpetrators may in many cases be deterred from committing an act of violence if they know that they will be identified, caught and punished.

In the worse case scenario, where someone does become a victim, Digital Witness™ will provide immediate notification to loved ones and authorities that they are under threat, as well as photographic evidence of their attacker and location.

Why Digital Witness™?

From time to time we all find ourselves in situations where we feel unsafe or under threat.

Random assaults, kidnappings, rapes and worse make headline news on an all too regular basis.

Personal security for you and for your loved ones has become an issue of concern for just about everyone in today’s world.

The perpetrators of such crimes are often emboldened by the belief they can get away with their actions, unidentified and unpunished. Survivors of violent attacks are often too traumatised by their experience to clearly identify their attackers.

How does it work?

When you find yourself in any situation where you feel you may be at risk, activate Digital Witness™.

If anyone approaches with the intent of doing you harm, (trust your intuition – better safe than sorry) point the camera of your iPhone at them, press the “Help” button displayed by Digital Witness™ and then press “send message”.

Digital Witness™ will immediately notify the people you have set up as your security contacts in Digital Witness™.

They will receive an SMS message clearly identified as a Digital Witness™ alert from you, containing a link showing your GPS coordinates, location on Google Maps and the photograph you just took with Digital Witness™.

This will allow your security contact(s) to respond immediately, initially by calling you to check you are OK, or checking the photo, calling police on your behalf and providing them with your location for a rapid response.

Digital Witness at a Glance™

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The Six Key Steps for using Digital Witness – at a glance.